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Welcome to my blog!



Welcome! I am a current junior business student at Catawba College majoring in Accounting and Management. I am the Phi Beta Lambda President for the 2013-2014 academic year. For those that do not know much about Phi Beta Lambda, PBL is a nationally known professional business fraternity that gives business students the opportunity to learn, travel, and grow as a future business professional. PBL also gives members the chance to gain skills that will prepare them for the “real-world” after college. PBL is growing in popularity at Catawba College and I am very excited to see all of the great things PBL will accomplish this academic year!

I will use this blog to post information about PBL, in addition to blogging about the book Conscious Capitalism. This book was chosen by the Catawba College Business School and Business Advisory Board. I will begin reading this book next week and will be posting weekly blogs about the progress I am making in Conscious Capitalism. Stayed tuned for more information about the book.

Thanks for checking out my blog!