Conscious Capitalism is the book chosen by the Ketner School of Business and Catawba College Business Advisory Board. This book is the required summer readying by all business majors. Once back at school, there will be a Fall Book Forum on Tuesday September  24th from 7:00-8:30pm in Tom Smith Auditorium. The Business Advisory Board, faculty, and business majors will have the opportunity to discuss the book, Conscious Capitalism. The forum is open to the public.

Conscious Capitalism was written by John Mackey and Dr. Rajendra (Raj) Sisodia. Mackey is co-CEO and cofounder of Whole Foods Market and cofounder and director of the nonprofit Conscious Capitalism Inc. He has devoted his life to selling natural and organic foods and to building a better business model. Sisodia is a professor of marketing at Bentley University. He has authored and co-authored seven books, including Firms of Endearment.  Sisodia is a director and member of the executive team of Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

I have just received a copy of the book and will begin reading soon. I plan to post a blog each week about the progress I am making in Conscious Capitalism.


Conscious Capitalism